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Roy Moore loses the 'he said/she said'

Alabama Senate Moore Allegations

“Moore hasn't done himself any favors,” writes Rich Lowry.


We need to save Antelope Island from ATVs

BZ 080117 Antelope Island 02-1

The idea of allowing ATVs on Antelope Island has resurfaced and is more inappropriate now than ever. The detrimental effects of the increased noise, pollution, associated litter, trail erosion and vehicle traffic on the wildlife, and on the island itself, should be obvious to anyone. The beauty and...

Standard Deviations

Don't judge this columnist: Christmas lights already up — and on

Christmas lights

"Yes, the Christmas lights are already up on our house. And yes, we’re turning them on each night,” Mark Saal writes. 

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Alabama rolls toward a high-stakes skirmish

Alabama Senate Moore

“Assuming that the Republican governor does not shred state law by preventing the election from occurring Dec. 12, Republicans' Senate majority might soon be gone,” writes George Will

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This is why women don't immediately report allegations of sexual harassment

Alabama Senate Moore-2

Women shouldn't have to suffer in silence, and men of conscience must make sure they don't.

Guest Commentary

Q: Should we change our form of government? A: It’s all about the people

Weber's three commissioners sometimes disagree

“Regardless of the form of government we choose for ourselves, we must remember that it takes a vigilant, actively involved, well-informed public to elect good leaders,” writes Robert Hunter.


We can and should do more to prevent gun violence

Church Shooting Texas-8

It was an average Sunday for the worshipers in Sutherland Springs, Texas, until a white male armed with an assault rifle and tactical gear killed nearly 30 people. This type of horrific shooting has become appallingly familiar. Mass shootings are a nearly daily phenomenon in the U.S. Many respond...


Lawmakers need to stop prostituting themselves to the gun lobby

Congress Las Vegas Shooting-10

So far this year we have had the Las Vegas and Texas church massacres and all our congressional folks can do is send their thoughts and prayers to the families and victims of those atrocious acts. Well, to that I say bull fritters. They need to stop praying and thinking and get off their sorry...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Different backgrounds often equalized in prison setting

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“Because of the shared experience of being a prisoner, I don’t always fully appreciate all the countless backgrounds and experiences that are represented in here,” Brianw Wood writes this week. 

National Commentary

Trump's real constituency: The Super Rich

Congress Taxes

“Trump's willingness to help Republican leaders pay off their largest contributors is the clearest explanation for why they debase themselves through their complicity with him,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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