4 Brothers Pizza focuses on quality food, helping kids

Wednesday , January 03, 2018 - 5:15 AM

MARK SAAL, Standard-Examiner Staff

Ogdenites hoping for a taste of 4 Brothers Pizza will have to drive to Layton — at least for the foreseeable future.

The Vernal-based pizzeria opened its second location Dec. 11 at 2065 N. Hill Field Road, Layton, the former site of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. And while the owners plan to open more restaurants in Utah, they say it’ll be awhile before they bring 4 Brothers Pizza to Junction City.

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Owners Lindsay and P.J. Germer grew up in the Ogden area and moved Vernal in 2010. Lindsay got her start as a teenager working for Ligori’s Pizza & Pasta in Ogden.

“I had some great restaurant mentors,” Germer says.

Indeed, she says she has so much respect for Ted Ligori that she and her husband wouldn’t dream of opening a competing restaurant in the area.

“I’d love to open a 4 Brothers Pizza in Ogden, but I won’t do it until Ted Ligori isn’t in business anymore,” she said. “I won’t take business from him.”

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When the Germers moved to Vernal, P.J. got a job at a golf course and Lindsay was a culinary arts teacher. They’d long had dreams of opening their own pizza restaurant, and in 2011 set up shop in a modest 900-square-foot space.

“It was basically a shed that we put a walk-in cooler out back, and a tiny pizza oven we operated from 4 to 9 at night,” Lindsay said. “We sold a lot of pizzas in that tiny little shack.”

Eventually, the couple wanted to expand and went looking for investors to finance a full-sized restaurant. Lindsay Germer says she contacted a friend who owned a Wendy’s in Vernal and asked, “How do I get a loan?” The friend told her there were plenty of generous people in the Uintah Basin, and to simply post her request on Facebook.

“I put it on Facebook at 11 at night, asking if anybody wanted to invest in a restaurant,” Germer recalls. “And within 15 minutes a friend messaged back, ‘How much do you need?’”

So the Germers built the first 4 Brothers Pizza there in Vernal, at 1060 Market Drive. The restaurant is named in honor of the couple’s four sons.

Lindsay Germer says they take pride in their exceptional customer service and fresh, local ingredients.

“We are a stone-baked pizza,” she said. “It takes a little bit longer to cook; it’s not the traditional conveyor-belt oven. And we make it right in front of you.”

The pizzas feature artisan, hand-rolled crusts and made-from-scratch sauces. The restaurant is also known for its twisted breadsticks, which Germer describes as “big, fat, yummy, garlic breadsticks.”

“We tested our recipes for several years before we opened,” she said. “And we let our dough sit for a couple of days — that’s the key to good dough; you have to let it ferment.”

Tristen Hale, manager of the 4 Brothers Pizza in Layton, says the restaurant offers pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads, for dine-in or take-out.

“We do take-out, call-in, or you can come in and sit down and we’ll bring your food out to you,” Hale said. “We’re currently not doing deliveries, but we will be in the future.”

Prices range from $6 for a small, basic pizza to $16.99 for a large specialty pizza. Germer says they’re also known for their Philly cheesesteak and meatball sub sandwiches.

The pizzeria sits next to Northridge High School, and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day it sells pizza by the slice for students who stop by for lunch.

Germer says people in her community helped her and her husband, and now they want to pay it forward. She says they originally opened the restaurant so they could show their children how to work, but they also want to help others’ children.

“As a school teacher I worked with a lot of special ed kids — and when I say ‘special ed,’ it could be Down syndrome, or just pure neglect, or socially or educationally awkward,” Germer said. “We want to provide an environment for our employees where these kids don’t feel judged. We teach them how to work and what’s appropriate and not appropriate. I want to take people who have made some bad choices — not so far off the beaten path, but who need someone to believe in them.”

For more information, call 4 Brothers Pizza at 801-825-3327 or visit their Facebook page.

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